Introduction to HL7 (V2)

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This is especially useful for implementers, service/support engineers, and system administrators. Not only will you get an introduction of the HL7 standard, you will get to do hands-on exercises and look at messaging.

Detailed Learning Objectives

You will get a basic understanding of the HL7 standard and learn to parse and edit HL7 messages. Much of the operation of a healthcare enterprise relies on administrative and/or order information generated by HL7 messages. In addition, results captured as part of the Electronic Patient Record also depend on imaging as a source for their information. All relevant HL7 messages will be explained using a real-life scenario. Several transactions from the IHE technical framework will be described as well.

Contents & Schedule

Day 1: HL7 Messaging

Note: You might want to bring your laptop to do the hands-on exercises, but just in case, we will also have some laptops for use in class.

What Is Included


You will get a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar.

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CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

JUL 17-20
DICOM Certification (PARCA CDIP) Bootcamp

JUL 24
PACS Online Core Essentials

JUL 25
DICOM Online Core Essentials

JUL 26
HL7 v2 Online Core Essentials

JUL 27
HL7 FHIR Online Core Essentials

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Tips & Tricks

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