DICOM/HL7 Reference Guide

Product Code: B-117

The DICOM/HL7 Reference Guide is intended for department administrators, PACS administrators, radiological technologists, IT personnel, and students. It provides an excerpt of the most frequently used tables in the standard, particularly the UID's and the most common DICOM Attributes and type definitions.

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DICOM Basics, Third Edition - Japanese Translation

Product Code: B-119

A reference book for those who would like to understand the basics of the Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) standard. This book is identical to the English version, with an extra chapter on the use of multi-byte character sets such as used to encode Asian languages in DICOM.

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DICOM Básico (en Español), Segunda Edición

Product Code: B-102

Un libro de referencia traducido al Español para todos aquellos que deseen comprender los fundamentos básicos del estándar para el Tratamiento Digital de Imágenes y Comunicaciones en Medicina (DICOM).

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DICOM eBooks

Note: All eBooks are compatible with Microsoft Windows only and require Adobe Flash. eBooks are not your familiar electronic files such as .doc or .pdf, but instead, we use a customized reader that is developed for eBooks. It allows for easy indexing and browsing as well as provides a mechanism for us to license it. Therefore, it won't be easy printable, except for doing a "print-screen"; it is specifically intended to be softcopy viewing only such as on a computer. The major application for eBooks is for people who need access to these resources and can't easily carry paper or just don't want to have it around. Another good application is for readers who are based outside the US and therefore have to pay a relatively high cost for shipping these books internationally.

As with any software typical license, the ebook is supposed to be installed on only one computing device. To allow for upgrades, computer crashes, etc. You can activate it more than once, however there is a maximum number of activations configured to avoid piracy and improper usage.

DICOM Basics, Third Edition - Electronic Version

Product Code: B-105ebk

Note: eBooks do not come with a print feature, are compatible with Microsoft Windows only and require Adobe Flash. This is the electronic version of our DICOM Basics, Third Edition Book. A reference book for those who would like to understand the basics of the Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) standard.

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DICOM Study Guides

Certified DICOM Integration Professional (CDIP) Study Guide - Electronic Version

Product Code: UB-212ebk

This comprehensive study guide provides professionals with a tool to master the DICOM integration specialist skills that are required to support, develop and integrate modalities and information systems with a PACS system. This study guide is also included with the self study packages and in addition, is provided when you take one of our on-or off-site classes.

The PARCA CDIP requirements are mapped to the study guide so that potential certification candidates can use this as a guide to prepare for their examinations. All PARCA (see www.pacsadmin.org) DICOM certification requirements are covered by this guide.

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CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

AUG 2-5
DICOM On-line Certification Bootcamp

AUG 17
DICOM On-line Core Essentials

AUG 18
HL7 v2 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

AUG 23-25
PACS System Admin Online Cert. (PARCA CPSA) Bootcamp

OCT 5-6
PACS On-line Certification (PARCA CPAS) Bootcamp

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