Humanitarian Projects

Sign for Herman Oosterwijk clinic in Chinandega.

Children at dump lining up for food.
OTech is committed to make a difference for those who happen to be less fortunate and do not have the same access to education and medical care throughout the world. We are active participants in the following humanitarian projects.

Since 2004, we have traveled to the City of Chinandega in Nicaragua where we partner with the local Rotary Club to improve the level of education and healthcare.

We typically travel during spring break and are involved with the construction of clinics and pharmacies in rural areas and provide medical supplies. We construct class rooms and provide learning materials. Our sponsor is the Denton Rotary Club.

Herman Oosterwijk is board member of a clinic in Denton which provides health care services to people based on a sliding scale, i.e. depending on the amount they can afford to pay, therefore providing access to those that might not be able to afford a regular doctor.

He is chairing the IT committee and instrumental in implementing and integrating healthcare IT technology such as the EMR in this facility. For more information, see Health Services of North Texas.

Teaching PACS in Nairobi.
Developing countries need a lot of expertise and training, Herman Oosterwijk delivered training to CHAK, a group of hospitals headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Herman Oosterwijk also leads a team of consultants who support medical imaging projects in developing countries. This team of volunteers assist with the selection of Ultrasound, X-ray and other diagnostic imaging devices as well as the core PACS system that allows for managing these images and viewing, archiving and distributing them.

Management and radiology staff at KCMC, Moshi Tanzania.

In addition, the team would assist with project management and on-site implementation. Projects so far have been successfully implemented in Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda. For more information see

Installing dental, Ultrasound and Radiology equipment at Zinga Children’s hospital, Tanzania.


CIIP Study Guide - $120
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PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

AUG 2-5
DICOM On-line Certification Bootcamp

AUG 17
DICOM On-line Core Essentials

AUG 18
HL7 v2 FHIR On-line Core Essentials

AUG 23-25
PACS System Admin Online Cert. (PARCA CPSA) Bootcamp

OCT 5-6
PACS On-line Certification (PARCA CPAS) Bootcamp

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