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PACS System Administrator Advanced Pack

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1. CD training courses are designed for PCs running Windows. They will not run on Apple computers running Mac OS.
2. Software is licensed to an individual to be used on a computer/laptop. For the purpose of a crash or new computer purchase we allow for 3 activations.

Product Code: P-102

This package consists of the same 3 CD's as the SA Starter pack, and gives in addition, more background information in the form of a CD on Computerized Radiography, one on PACS and one on workflow. These three CD's explain the basic features about these systems and devices and also include interviews with actual users and show the workflow using these systems.

In addition, this package provides more in depth information about the DICOM standard in the form of a CD on DICOM services, so one can determine what kind of DICOM functionality one has or is needed to connect devices to a PACS system, which is even highlighted by the DICOM conformance CD specifically discussing things such as Conformance Statements. The DICOM Basics, HL7, and PACS Fundamentals textbooks are included. This set of 8 CD's and 3 books is an excellent resource for any PACS system Administrator who wants to learn about the specific details about the PACS system and also the connectivity issues.

Products included in this package:
PACS Fundamentals, Second Edition (B-104)      $ 70.00
DICOM Basics, Third Edition (B-105)      70.00
PACS System Analyst Study Guide (UB-203)      95.00
HL7 Messaging, Version 2 (B-112)      70.00
Introduction to DICOM (UD-101cdr)      150.00
DICOM Services (UD-102cdr)      150.00
Enterprise Integration Using HL7 (UH-101cdr)      95.00
PACS System Administration (UP-105cdr)      150.00
DICOM Conformance (UD-103cdr)      150.00
Digital Acquisition: CR and DR (UP-203cdr)      150.00
Introduction to PACS (UP-102cdr)      150.00
PACS Workflow (UP-204cdr)      250.00

Total Value:    $ 1,550.00
Package Price:    - 1,210.00

Savings:    $ 340.00


CIIP Study Guide - $135
HL7 Study Guide - $119
PACS Clinical Package - $595
PACS IT Package - $595

Training Schedule

SEP 25-26
Comprehensive HL7 (V2)

SEP 27-29
Comprehensive DICOM Certification

OCT 2-3
Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

OCT 4-7
PACS System Administration

OCT 16
Module 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects

OCT 17
Module 2: DICOM Communication Services and SR

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

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