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PACS Interface Analyst (IA) Study Guide, DICOM Component

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Note: This product is included in the DICOM Starter Pack or the DICOM Troubleshooting Pack.

This comprehensive study guide provides professionals with a tool to master the DICOM component of the PACS Interface Analyst skills that are required to support a PACS system. This study guide is also included with the self study packages and in addition, is provided when you take one of our on-or off-site classes.

The study guides refer to additional resources, i.e. self-study CD's and books that are provided by OTech, which, if you don't have any, or a very limited background in this subject matter are highly recommended. If you have taken any formal training, done self-study, or have experience in this subject matter, you would not necessarily need these additional resources.

This study guide is ideal for people who want to follow a "self-study" program using resources such as provided by the various websites, including www.otpedia.com, by providing them a tool to test their newly acquired skills and enhance their learning experience. The guide can be used in a peer-to-peer, team or classroom setting and/or form the basis for individual learning.

The PACS System Associate Study guide serves as a companion to the OTech DICOM Starter pack set of CD's and DICOM Basics book. It provides an abstract for each of the subject area's with a listing of each important keywords. Each subject has several discussion questions that facilitate a better understanding of the subject materials, with suggested answer keys. Each section has also a sample test. There is also a hands-on DICOM exercise provided.

The PARCA CPIA requirements are mapped to the study guide so that potential certification candidates can use this as a guide to prepare for their examinations. All PARCA (see www.pacsadmin.org) DICOM related CPIA requirements are covered by this guide.

The subjects covered in this guide include: View Pages:  Front Cover  Back Cover  TOC  Chapter 1  

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    MAR 20
    Healthcare IT Standard Fundamentals

    MAR 21-23
    Comprehensive DICOM

    MAR 27-28
    Fundamentals of Clinical and IT (PARCA CPAS)

    MAR 29-APR 1
    PACS System Administration

    MAY 8
    PACS Core Essentials

    MAY 9
    DICOM Core Essentials

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