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Note: Software is downloadable immediately after purchase and can be activated up to 3 times.

Product Code: S-100

  • OT-DICE v. 3.0 User Manual (pdf)

    Vista Compatibility
    On Vista, programs do not run with Administrator rights.
    OTech software requires Administrator rights, and therefore has some error messages when you try to run it.

    Click here for instructions on how to run on Vista.

    What is OT-DICE?
    OT-DICE is an active DICOM test tool which is very simple to set up and operate, even with no special training. It is meant to be used as a training and troubleshooting tool. It functions as a Modality Simulator. It installs very quickly on a PC with the Windows(TM) operating system, and can easily be configured to exchange image files with other DICOM entities. As a DICOM Storage SCP (Service Class Provider) OT-DICE will accept image data from all types of equipment while providing you with interpreted log and dump files, and saving a copies of DICOM image files on your disk. As a DICOM Storage SCU (Service Class User) OT-DICE allows you to quickly select data files and send them to other systems while keeping log files of the DICOM connection. As a DICOM Verify server and provider, OT-DICE allows you to send and respond to echo requests with remote systems.

    In particular it supports:
    • Verification SCU/SCP
    • Storage SCU/SCP of any DICOM Storage SOP Class
    • Query/Retrieve SCU (FIND, MOVE)
    • Modality Worklist SCU
    • Configurable FIND Atrributes
    • Configuration for any Transfer Syntax
    • Edit DICOM headers
    The intuitive user interface in OT-DICE makes for quick and easy setup and configuration. Log files and data can be saved for future reference. DICOM association parameters are easily changed between tests, and are automatically saved. There is no need for writing scripts or editing configuration files.

    OT-DICE uses the TCP/IP networking functionality built into all 32 bit versions of Windows from Windows 95 through 7. You will need a network interface card for your PC, typically Ethernet with a RJ-45 connector or wireless, for access to your DICOM network.

    Notice regarding licensing support
    OTech will provide you with technical assistance free of charge in case you have an issue with installing the software and/or activating it on your computer. This is limited to one hour and 2 renewal activations. Additional support will be provided for a nominal fee of $75/hour. Only applicable when purchased product.

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    Training Schedule

    OCT 5-6
    PACS On-line Certification (PARCA CPAS) Bootcamp

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