Comprehensive DICOM Online Certification

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As an integral part of the lecture, participants will have a portable PC, connect it to a DICOM network, and use a variety of tools to analyze network transactions and DICOM messages. A DICOM validation tool developed exclusively for OTech is given to each participant to use during the workshop and also available on removable media to bring home for applications in a clinical environment.

Detailed Learning Objectives

You will get a basic understanding of the DICOM standard and go through a workshop that provides practical experience in analyzing and debugging DICOM connections and messages. The architecture, communication protocol, and DICOM services such as Store, Print, and the interaction of a device with an information system and/or archive will be explained. A DICOM message showing the "header" information will be shown so that participants can interpret these in the future for troubleshooting and/or implementation purposes. Additional important DICOM features including security, compression and image quality will be covered as well. DICOM conformance statements will be used extensively as examples. This course will prepare you also to become DICOM certified which requires you to take an on-line exam which is proctored and managed by PARCA, see link.

Contents & Schedule

Day 1: DICOM Negotiation and Image Objects

Day 2: Image Quality and DICOM Communication Services

Day 3: DICOM Networking and Troubleshooting

Note: This is a "hands-on" portion of the course in students will have true interaction using our laptop computers which are pre-loaded with DICOM images and DICOM communication software.

What Is Included

Upcoming Scheduled Classes

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You will get a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar. Certification towards a Certified DICOM Integration Professional (CDIP) can be done after taking this course, by taking the on-line CDIP exam of the PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association (PARCA), seeá OTech will pay 50% of the initial CDIP exam fee.

Feedback from our Students

"It was great! Hands-on helps me learn MUCH better! And tools to go home with!"
~Johnny McLaughlin, Morristown Memorial

"The course was very good. I would recommend it to anyone involved with PACS administration and support"
~Nick Van Duyne, Atlantic City Medical Center

"The class was excellent. The material covered was extensive and clear. Thank you for a great course!"
~Sharon Antiles-Silk, Boston Children's

"Gave quite a bit of insight into the issues related to the overall aspects of connectivity communications in Image oriented/data oriented medical information systems"
~Devashish Pandya, Philips medical Systems

"Great tools to use back at work."
~Frank Mantino, Hologic

"The instructor's presentation skills are top quality, content and delivery are robust. I gained a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time."
~Steve Kolbeck, Agilent

"Excellent explanation of a difficult subject."
~Ward Terry, M.D. VA Dallas

"Hello Otech. I just wanted to thank you again for the DICOM and HL7 courses, and the discount code. I was able to use the code last weekend to successfully complete my CPIA exam and certification! The courses were fun, and an excellent starting point for the study process towards certification. Thanks again."
~Dave Brombal


CIIP Study Guide - $120
HL7 Study Guide - $115
PACS Clinical Package - $550
PACS IT Package - $550

Training Schedule

OCT 5-6
PACS On-line Certification (PARCA CPAS) Bootcamp

Click here to view entire training schedule.

Tips & Tricks

Click here to view the latest video regarding the DICOM sniffer.

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